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Unmanned Aircraft Systems Regulations

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Fly and operate drones in the Republic of Ireland.

December 7, 2021

Rules and regulations you must be familiar to fly and operate drones in the Republic of Ireland. Flying and operating drones in Ireland is subject to European Union Regulation 2019/947. The Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) supervises and implements the

Operations Manual

The operations manual is an essential addition to every Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) program. It defines your drone operations, the specifics of how you will run safe and compliant operations within the relevant regulations. After consulting with you, our experienced aviation consultants will assess your risk under the required operational risk assessment methodology and provide you with an Operations Manual, which you will be submitting to the National Aviation Authority. You can opt in to our Manual Update Subscription Services to ensure you are always legally compliant and up to date with the regulations.

The Airspace Map

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Avtrain, in partnership with Altitude Angel, brings you the very latest in up to date airspace and flight mapping technology. Whether you fly for fun or professionally, Avtrain and Altitude Angel provide solutions for drone pilots to help you plan and conduct your flights safely, efficiently and remain compliant with local laws. What’s more, when you fly with us, you’re helping to keep the skies safer for everyone. You will need to fill the UF101 form to apply for permission to fly in Geographical Zones where drone flights are restricted.


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