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What are the Means of Compliance with the EASA Light-UAS.2511 requirements?

This MoC is meant for a declaration toward the competent authority issuing the operational authorisation for operations up to SAIL II. It provides the possibility for UAS leveraging FTS to substantiate, with a simple design checklist and a set of tests, the FTS performances. This MoC does not address the design of the specific UAS with regard to its probability of leaving the operational volume, however it provides a logic according to which a maximum probability can be determined on the basis of the SAIL. Due to the specific FTS design on which this MoC is based, this allows to determine in a simple way the maximum probability of exit from the ground buffer.

As of May 10th 2024, the Irish Aviation Authority has updated a new updated list of compliant UAS/FTS configurations and provided further guidance to drone operators and pilots in UAS Advisory Memoranda – Guidance on Enhanced Containment, Flight Termination Systems, and MoC Light-UAS.2511. Press here to access it.

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Press here to access the MoC Light-UAS.2511 document on the EASA website.

November 28, 2023

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