Extreme 16 weeks backlog before the IAA begin a review of an Operational Authorisation

Attention all UAS Operators in the Specific Category!

"Currently, there is a sixteen (16) week backlog before an application is reviewed by the authority.”- The Irish Aviation Authority issued UAM012 - Guidance on Applications for Operational Authorisation on the 3rd of October 2023.

In order to renew your Operational Authorisation (OA) you will have to start a new application on MySRS. Follow these simple steps to start your renewal application:

  • Sign in to MySRS, https://iaa.mysrs.ie/auth/sign-in
  • In My Organisations choose the Accountable Manager profile for the desired organisation.
  • Press on the "UAS" box.
  • Press "Apply for an UAS Operational Authorisation"
  • Choose the desired drones you want to use under this OA.
  • Contact Avtrain to assist in developing your up to date, regulatory compliant Operations Manual and UAM007 Compliance Table (for PDRA-S01/02).
  • Once ready, upload all the documents to MySRS and send us on the required details so we can endorse your application.
  • Great Job! Now sit tight and wait for the OA to be issued.

Avtrain Operations Manuals Compliance Subscription customers get unlimited free Operations Manuals updates when new amendments are published to the UAS Regulations. Email us at train@avtrain.aero today for more information.

Link to the UAM012 here: https://www.iaa.ie/docs/default-source/publications/advisory-memoranda/uas-advisory-memoranda-(uam)/uam-012---guidance-on-applications-for-operational-authorisation.pdf

There was an update to this publication: https://www.iaa.ie/general-aviation/drones/docs-list/docs/default-source/publications/advisory-memoranda/uas-advisory-memoranda-(uam)/UAM-012---Guidance-on-Applications-for-Operational-Authorisation

October 4, 2023

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