Welcome to Avtrain stand!

Hello and welcome to the Avtrain stand D64 at DroneX 2023. 

Avtrain is excited to be exhibiting at DroneX this year! We are an EASA Recognised Entity providing online training and certification to drone pilots and operators. It is easy now for UK drone pilots and operators who want to fly in any EASA member state to obtain the necessary permits. Our team will help your organisation incorporate drones into daily operations. 


We are giving away one EASA Open Category Remote Pilot Training course. Press here to enter your details for the chance to win.

Julie Garland will speak about: “Is SORA the future? Regulatory environment in Europe vs UK.”

Join our Founder & CEO, Julie Garland, on Wednesday at the Seminar Theatre 3 - Future of Flight at 12.30-13.00. We conducted extensive research on the current and probable future divergences between the EASA and UK CAA Drone Regulations and how operators can achieve and maintain operations in multiple jurisdictions. Significant differences are already emerging, and with the recently published EASA Decision, these will affect operators on both sides of the Irish Sea & St Georges Channel.

Connect with Julie Garland on LinkedIn here.


Our mission at Avtrain is to encourage prolific drone operations and keep the skies safe through the highest standards of Training and Certification. Avtrain is one of Europe’s leading drone Pilot and Operator training and certification centres, setting the standards for others to follow. We certify Drone Pilots and Operators for all fixed-wing, hybrid, single and multi-rotor drones in all weight categories for the grant of European Authorisations under EASA regulations, including under PDRAs, SORA and Light UAS operator Certificate (LUC), and provide independent verification of compliance up to a high level of robustness.

Our drone operations consultancy services include auditing and developing UAS inventories and bases, business strategy, cost-benefit analysis and developing or assessing your operations manual, risk management and other operational protocols and procedures. With a vast range of experience in delivering successful projects, we provide your team with the required tools and technical and practical training to run your drone operations successfully. 


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September 25, 2023

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