New EASA Decision 2022/02/R - Published today!

New EASA Decision Alert!

Today, following the consultation and feedback from stakeholders under NPA 2021-09, EASA published Decision 2022/02/R in regards to safer drone operations across EASA member states.

To summarise, the Decision addresses the following points:

  • Establishing "geographical zones" with identification of EUROCAE ED 269 as the standard for the common unique digital format;
  • Presenting revised application and issue forms for the operational authorisations in the Specific Category;
  • Specifying a detailed process for UAS operators to carry operations in the different EASA member states (cross-border operations);
  • Publishing a list of training objectives within Specific Category for remote pilots, where drone operators are requested to select relevant to their operations;
  • Presenting new PDRA covering BVLOS operations for linear inspections of infrastructures (e.g. power lines, rail tracks).

To read a full Decision please follow this link: Press here.

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February 9, 2022

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