FPV Drone. All you need to know

What is an FPV Drone?

In other words, an FPV drone is a first-person-view drone. Unlike flying other drones, you will use goggles to fly an FPV drone and see what the drone camera sees. Therefore, you pilot the PFV drone not in the pilot, from the ground perspective, but the drone camera. According to EASA regulation (Article 4(d) of EU regulation 2019/947), you must have visual sight of your drone at all times. Since you are using goggles to fly the FPV drone, you need a UA observer scanning the airspace for the obstacles in the drone's trajectory. Those can be other persons, buildings or other aircraft systems.

What is the difference to fly FPV drones vs other drones?

The main difference between flying a drone in a first-person view is that you need a UA observer by your side, two, you will be looking through the drone's camera instead of from the ground. So that changes the drone control perspective. 

Should I train before flying an FPV drone?

Most FPV drones can fly faster and manoeuvre better than other drones. Therefore, spend some time on virtual training (for example, using a DJI flight simulator) or flying around with other drones. Log in as many hours as you need to feel confident at flying outside in the open. Consider flying your drone in Subcategory A3, where you are not expecting to endanger any uninvolved people within the area where the drone passes and are at least 150m away from residential, commercial, industrial and recreational areas.

Read more about flying in the Open Category FPV drones.

Should I get insurance for my drone?

Yes, always make sure you have an insurance policy covering your drone. One of the options out there you have is Coverdrone. If you plan to purchase a policy from them, mention us, Avtrain. Use this link to purchase your insurance online.

Picture credits: DJI FPV DRONE. Accessible here.

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February 8, 2022

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