Ireland leading the way in eVTOL Pilot Training

Dubai Airshow – 16th November. [Press Release] Today a historic partnership between three leading Irish organisations – ASG, VectorCap, and Avtrain to create Europe’s first electric vertical take-off & landing (eVTOL) aircraft Approved Pilot Training Organisation, VertX Aero was launched with An Tánaiste Leo Varadkar at the Dubai Airshow. 

This agreement heralds in a new era of Pilot training. VertX Aero will become a key enabler for the future safe use of electric urban air mobility aircraft (referred to as eVTOL aircraft) through robust Pilot training. This new organisation combines the strengths of the three organisations which already have proven track records and industry-wide recognition as leading approved providers of aviation training, compliance and oversight, and commercial development and growth. 

The primary objectives of VertX Aero are:

  1. To develop the standards for the UAS Certified category and in particular the pilot licencing and Operator Approvals for eVTOL aircraft and all aircraft operating in the UAS Certified Category. 
  2. To offer online and in-person training and certification for pilots and operators in the UAS Certified category for both theoretical knowledge and practical competencies towards the grant of an initial EASA licence.
  3. To offer continuous appraisal, checking and retraining for pilots and operators in the UAS Certified category for both theoretical knowledge and practical competencies towards the renewal of EASA licence and Air Operator Certification.
  4. To provide consultancy to eVTOL manufacturers for the flight testing of prototype aircraft and their introduction to commercial flight operations.

Speaking today co-founder Julie Garland said “We have entered a new era of Aerial Mobility with eVTOL aircraft and bringing the expertise and combined experience of these 3 company’s together ensures the standards and equivalent level of safety of manned aviation. This heralds a new era of hybrid helicopter and fixed-wing pilots and the timely release of EASA NPA 2021-12 on New Air Mobility will give the required regulatory structure.”

Fellow Co-Founder Hugo McNulty says “VectorCap is excited to partner with Avtrain and ASG to further the development of drone pilot training advancements and establish the worlds first eVTOL Pilot training centre of excellence.

This turnkey solution will offer new air operator entrants access to airline pilot quality training and examination of their eVTOL aircrew, to ensure the highest operational safety standards, in this exciting new industry.”

Co-Founder Diarmuid O’Riordan says “We look forward to working hand in hand with regulators across the world to assist with the development of new regulations, safety risk management and compliance protocols, operational procedures, Air Traffic Management (ATM) solutions, and robust training courses to support the safe introduction of electric urban air mobility, and to become the industry’s leading training provider in this new, innovative, and environmentally friendly era of urban air transportation”.

About ASG

 ASG is an Approved Training Organisation of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) permitted to deliver aviation training up to and including Air Transport Pilot Licence theory training. Since its foundation in Dublin (Ireland) in 2015, the company quickly established itself as one of Europe’s leading aviation training organisations with a reputation for providing high-quality training to student pilots and airline customers alike. 

ASG was one of the first aviation training providers in Europe to receive approval to deliver all of its regulated classroom training via remote means; their learning facilities are equipped with 4K webcams and RØDE broadcast quality microphones. With its unique hybrid classroom concept, customers can now even choose to flexibly alternate between both physical and remote classroom attendance throughout their learning journey. Aside from the many satisfied student pilots, the company also delivers a variety of specialised aviation training courses such as Flight Operations and dispatch, Crew Resource Management (CRM), Search & Rescue (SAR) tasking, Ramp operator, Flight Time Limitations (FTL) & Fatigue Risk Management (FRM), and Crew Control. Recent ASG customers include: Aer Lingus, Norwegian Air, SAS (Scandinavian Airlines), the Irish Coastguard, Aramark, the Irish Air Corps, Simtech Aviation, Stobart Air, ASL Airlines, Aluminium Offshore, Hibernian Airlines, DAS Private Jets, Ernst & Young, Catraeus Aircraft, American Aviation Academy, and Cityjet to name but a few.

ASG are online at

About Avtrain

 Avtrain is setting the standards for others to follow. Their mission is to encourage prolific drone operations and keep the skies safe through certification and the highest standards of training. They live by the 3D’s – If it is Dull, Dirty or Dangerous then a drone should be doing it. Innovation is the core of Avtrain and they see the development of training through VR, AI & AR as futuristic yet realistic.

Avtrain certifies Drone pilots and Operators for all fixed-wing, hybrid, single and multi-rotor drones in all weight categories. They hold an approval as an EASA Recognised Entity issued by the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) for theoretical knowledge, practical training & assessments and recommendations to the Authority for the grant of EASA Open A2 and all Specific Category Authorisations, Declarations & Light UAS operator Certificate. 

Avtrain is based at the Guinness Enterprise Centre, Dublin 8 and carries out practical training and assessments at multiple bases across Ireland. 

We are online at

About VectorCap

VectorCap, an Irish based aerospace investment manager is seeking to invest and partner with SME businesses exclusively in the aviation and aerospace industries. Recently established by commercial airline pilot Hugo MacNulty with further backing from family, the co-founders of Prem Group.

Hugo has over 20 years of commercial aviation experience with a leading European airline and a background in finance and commercial real estate. 

You can follow all of the latest developments at VertXAero by following our social media profiles or visiting our website:

December 6, 2021

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