Open Category A2 Remote Pilot Competency Certification


Once you have completed the Open A2 Course then you can sit the 30 question MCQ and if you achieve 75% or more then you can attain your Remote Pilot Competency Course Completion Certificate.


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This course is designed for hobby and professional pilots to fly drones in the Open A2 category which allows for drones to be flown to 30m of an uninvolved person and down to 5m from an uninvolved person in a low speed mode if the drone is correctly CE Marked – We comprehensively cover what you can and can’t do if you are flying a “legacy” drone or a drone that does not have a Class identification marking.

Topics for study are technical and operational mitigations for ground risk regarding meteorology, UAS flight performance and technical and operational mitigations for ground risk. Once you complete the course, you can choose to register to sit the exam and if you achieve a 75% pass mark you will receive a course completion certificate.

You must also register with the IAA (Register Here) and complete the A1/A3 Theoretical Knowledge examination and have your IAA Operator Number


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