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About Avtrain

At Avtrain our mission is to encourage prolific drone operations and keep the skies safe through certification and the highest standards of training.

Avtrain is Europe’s leading drone training and certification body setting the standards for others to follow.


We certify Drone pilots and Operators for all fixed wing, hybrid, single and multi rotor drones in all weight categories for the grant of European Authorisations under EASA regulations. We currently hold an approval as Recognised Entity issued by the Irish Aviation Authority for the grant of Open A2 and all Specific Category Authorisations, Declarations & Light UAS operator Certificate (LUC).

'We live by the 3D’s - If it is Dull, Dirty or Dangerous then a drone should be doing it.'

Our Team Leader Julie Garland

Julie is a former Airline Training Captain and Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, she is also a Barrister at Law, a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, accredited mediator and prior to founding Avtrain she was previously the Director Compliance for Norwegian Air International. She is an Irish Aviation Authority Authorised Examiner for all Drones up to 75kgs for the grant of Pilot Competence Certificates and for Specific Operating Permissions under the Irish National Licensing system and for all Open and Specific Category Certification. She is the founding Chair of the Unmanned Aircraft Association of Ireland. Given Julie’s technical background combined with her operational experience as a Captain of both manned large commercial aircraft and drones combined with her vast understanding of aviation regulations give an unsurpassed depth of domain knowledge. She has been involved in pilot training for over 25 years.

Our Team

Our team comprises of industry specialists who can advise on everything from the correct drone for your operations through to how to implement drones into your business. We have highly trained instructors on staff to help with your theoretical and practical training and can provide a complete package from the purchase of your drone through to your training and certification. The more complex the operation and the more challenges it presents excites us tremendously as well as the simple day to day operations.


Our customers to date include Government contracts with public sector bodies such as multiple Local County Councils – “Blue light” services such as Search and Rescue – surveillance – Inland and costal Fisheries – Infrastructure inspections – rail and roads, planning authorities, border patrol and disaster relief agencies both in Ireland and abroad. In the private sector the surveying, mapping, oil and gas industry, film and news media, construction industry, architects, professional photographers, precision agriculture, transport of cargo, forestry, counting animals, surveillance and security are just some of the sectors we have served to date.


Customers are challenged with gathering accurate, timely date for analysis in real time with actionable insights. They may not be aware of the benefits of using drone technology, drone operations may not currently be in house expertise or they are using outdated costly solutions. In some cases, outsourcing at great expense or using expensive alternative data capture platforms such as cranes or helicopters. With very few exceptions a drone will also be the most cost effective method of data collection. All operators and pilots in the Open and Specific Categories of risk will require certification to different standards and levels depending on the risk of the operation to uninvolved persons and aircraft. We are here to advise and provide that certification.

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